Below please find a summary of current services for DFW & surrounding counties:

  • A current fee schedule is available upon request.
  • Fees are payable by check or money order.
  • SAMPLE ORDERS can be located at however, these examples should not be considered as legal advice or a substitute for attorney consultation.  

Contested Child Custody Evaluations- A court order appointing Ms. Diveley Terhall that is drafted per TFC 107.103 is required. 


                             Sec. 107.103. ORDER FOR CHILD CUSTODY EVALUATION:
                                 (c) Except for an order appointing a child custody evaluator who is qualified under Section 107.104(b)(3), an order for a                                                                     child custody evaluation must include:
                                     (1) the name of each person who will conduct the evaluation;
                                     (2) the purpose of the evaluation; and
                                     (3) a list of the basic elements of an evaluation required by Section 107.109(c);
                                     (4) a list of any additional elements of an evaluation required by the court to be completed, including any additional                                                                          elements specified in Section 107.109(d); and
                                     (5) the specific issues or questions to be addressed in the evaluation.

Pre and Post Domestic Adoption Evaluations - See TFC 107.159 and 107.160 for explanation of "pre"and "post" and the combination of the two. A court order appointing Ms. Diveley Terhall per TFC 107.153 is required. 

Home Visits - Evaluation and report regarding the physical home environment only, with submission of photo supplement, if required. Please contact Ms. Diveley Terhall for more information.

Child Interviews - Child only interviews with summary report to be provided only to the ordering judge for purposes of assisting the Court with orders in matters that do not currently require a full child custody evaluation.

Mediation - Parties and attorneys will be provided with a copy of typewritten summary of mediated settlement proposal or agreement. 



Sharyl Diveley Terhall, LMSW-IPR

Licensed Master Social Worker with Independent Practice Recognition

Child Custody and Adoption Evaluator, Mediator